The Wild Woman

The Wild Woman Project

Welcome Wild Hearts!

I am so, so excited to begin offering The Wild Woman Project circles.  Each month at the New Moon, get ready to dive into a new theme with wild-hearted women all over the globe through meditation, visualization, sharing, and intention-setting.  I am preparing to offer these circles in various locations, so if you are particularly interested in hosting, reach out!  It would be my pleasure to bring this powerful gift to you and the women in your community.

In addition to live circles at the New Moon time, I am also preparing to offer co-lead unisex Full Moon Howls with circle leader Brooke East via telecircle!  Here we will continue exploring the theme together, utilizing the technology we have available to us, drawing connection across distance, and connecting us to our sisters and brothers who wish to be a part.

Our first virtual HOWL will be held on Thursday, March 1st!  I hope that you can join us!  To get your ticket, click here!

All of these circles are done as a part of The Wild Woman Project, and I would  encourage you to look into the offerings on their site as well at  Many thanks to Chris Maddox and her team at the project- you are such an inspiration ❤